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Boyer Mechanical Services, Inc. is a Bemidji based, family owned business whose mission is to provide a well-rounded facility for repairs, fabricating and machine shop needs. Boyer Mechanical Services, Inc. is located at 6825 Division St W, Bemidji MN 56601.


From its inception in 2003, BMS has worked extremely hard to develop a great working relationship with its clients and vendors. We have worked aggressively to build a workplace where customers know they will get an outstanding product in a very timely fashion. Additionally, BMS is actively building a very competent staff to ensure that this work ethic continues.


BMS's founder, Matthew Boyer, has a vast knowledge in the repair industry along with being very well respected by his clients and his peers. Matthew was raised in the Bemidji area and has worked in there since 1992 in the repair/fabricating field.


As a repair company, our repair services encompass a vast array of different industries. We repair a wide variety of hydraulics and pneumatics along with repairs on structural iron. We also repair many types of shafting and industrial blowers. Some examples of equipment we repair would be bobcats, skidders, backhoes, etc. We offer portable welding services and portable line boring and bore welding.


We also fabricate and manufacture everything from portable fish house frames to industrial conveyor pans for the wood industry, along with a variety of iron based products.


"We are a custom shop, with no single product line. We WILL and CAN

fabricate any product a customer brings to our facility."

Most clients weigh the cost of service against the quality and the ability to expedite a project in a timely fashion to decrease downtime. Boyer Mechanical has shown that it can accomplish both of these.




QUALITY - The products and services Boyer Mechanical supplies are of high quality and offer attributes that enable their customers to carry out their business functions.


PRICE - Boyer Mechanical's products and services are competitively priced - thus allowing it's clientele to control their bottom line.


DELIVERY - Boyer Mechanical provides on-time delivery, thereby reducing its customers downtime and inventory.